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Our team will interview you about yourself and your business along with anything you want to focus on in your life. Then, we will transcribe the interview and format it into your very own chapter in the book you’ll be featured in. Or if you’d prefer, you can write your own approximately 1,000 word chapter yourself and have our writers edit it for you.

Step 2: Our Professional Editors Craft Your Chapter Into A Masterpiece

Our professional editors will take your chapter and format and edit it into perfection. Most importantly, you control how you are positioned. You will receive direct access to your editor to ensure you are positioned exactly the way you want.

The Midas Touch

Step 3: Your Book Is Published With Your Name & Photo On The Cover

We take care of the usually painful and long process of publishing your book in a snap. Your name and photo will appear on the front cover right beside Joe Vitale.

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We use our resources to drive your book to #1 Best Selling Status on Amazon. You will able to tell everyone (family, friends, prospectsand clients alike) you are a best-selling author!

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You become a Best-Selling Author, allowing you touse that title in all of your marketing, branding and positioning of you and your business. Imagine how much yourcredibility and authority will skyrocket when you become a BestSelling Author!

For The Last-Time Ever, You Can Be A Co-Author In
Joe Vitale’s
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Joe Vitale & Dan Lok’s book The Midas Touch became an Amazon Best-Seller in not ONE, but THREE categories! The book also hit number 2 in overall book sales on Amazon and beat out Dr. Wayne Dyer and Elon Musk's Inventing The Future book. We helped 42 authors become best-selling authors and the rest of their life they will be best-selling author!

Last time, we offered aspiring authors the opportunity to become a best-selling author with me, all the spots were taken immediately. If you missed out last time and you want to participate, this is your one last opportunity. For the last time ever, 39 lucky people will be selected to participate in Joe Vitale's next best-selling book, The Prosperity Factor.

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"Thank you for making me a best-selling author!"
Bob Wakitsch
Team-Made Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author
"It's an amazing experience!"
Mirko Popovich
Team-Made Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author
"Once in a lifetime opportunity"
Gabriella Iussich
Team-Made Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author
"It has opened many doors for me"
Gloria J. Yorke
Team-Made Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author
"My book has just been reviewed on a national magazine, and this weekend the local newspaper will have an interview with me about the book. I have also been invited to a national literature festival to present the book!!!"
Ivan Nossa
Team-Made Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author
"Just had my first book signing event!"
Team-Made Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, Lady Christopher Barrett

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There are very few things that have the power to transform your business and career to a whole new level… Having your own Best Selling book is one of them.

When you have your own Best Selling book, suddenly, people who you thought were previously unreachable, are now paying attention to you and even calling you to do business with you. Doors will open for you with amazing opportunities inside that you didn’t even know existed.

You becoming a Best Selling Author leads to bigger speaking engagements, higher-paying clients, and bigger consulting opportunities.

Just imagine meeting a potential client and when they ask what you do, you reply, “I am a best-selling author of the book _______.” How much easier do you think it would be to covert them into a paying client once you say you;re a Best Selling Author?

This opportunity to be part of a historic body of work will not come around again, if ever. Taking action today ensures that you will reserve your place in one of the most historic series of books and information ever written on law of attraction, entrepreneurship and success.

You’ve seen Dr. Joe Vitale in the hit movie, The Secret, and you may have read one of his bestselling international books like The Attractor Factor or Life’s Missing Instruction Manual or read one of his other fascinating books. The core teaching of Dr. Joe Vitale for the past 25 years is how to apply the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive thinking in your life to start attracting More Income, A New Career, Better Health, or Loving Relationships

Joe Vitale's Most Trusted Publishing Partner

Dan Lok is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and the world’s leading expert in internet marketing and is referred to by many as the “Millionaire Mentor".

Through hard work, relentless determination, guidance from his mentors, today Dan is a multi-millionaire and a street-smart business pro, who spends the bulk of his time personally managing his companies and investment portfolio.

Dan is also the author of a dozen books that teach financial freedom and entrepreneurial skills, including Secrets of Canadian Top Performers, Creativity Sucks, and Lies Salon Owners Believe, etc.

Awaken To The Opportunity Before You By Joining Joe Vitale & Dan Lok In This Exclusive Publishing Deal And Receive ALL Of The Following Benefits…
  • Co-author a chapter in Dr. Joe Vitale 's next best-selling book, ‘The Prosperity Factor’, which we GUARANTEE will be a #1 Amazon Best Seller...
  • My personal writing team will interview you to solidify your topic, create the title of your chapter, write your chapter for you in your own voice and professionally edit your chapter...
  • A custom cover with your photo as the author with Dr. Joe Vitale and your name on the book spine...
  • Have the book listed on Amazon.com, BN.com (Barnes and Noble) as well as many other online and offline booksellers...
  • Receive 100 FREE copies for you to give away for marketing purposes, to position yourself as an expert or to sell (200 FREE copies if you choose the one-payment option)...
  • Have full access to the ebook version of the book to use in online promotions or however else you see fit...
  • Fact Action Bonus: Monetize Your Best-Selling Book Virtual Training Program (Valued at $995)

    You’ll have access to 4 interactive virtual classes being lead by Dan Lok. Do you want more from your business? More income? More customers you enjoy working with? New opportunities? Do you want to make an impact?

    Dan will teach you how to quickly and easily use your book as rocket fuel to propel the growth and expansion of your business.
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