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Note: Although the webinar was conducted for the last book - The Midas Touch, you'll get most of your questions answered in there.

Frequently Asked Questions with Dr. Joe Vitale

Question #1: I can see a sample of the front cover of the book on your website. There is only one space allocated for the photograph of co-author next to Joe's picture. So how do you fit all the co-authors on the cover-page?

Joe’s reply: Every contributor will get their own individual custom book cover. It's your name and your photo ONLY alongside with yours truly.

Question #2: But I am still not clear. As I understood, you would having 39 participants as co-authors. So whose photo would be on the cover-page?

Joe’s reply: We have ONE generic version that we list on Amazon. Then we create 39 different custom covers when we go to print so you get your own cover.

You might be thinking, ""Joe, but isn't there a difference between being a co-author and being (one of the) contributors? If my story is one of the 39 other stories, am I really a co-author? Would people look at me as an author?"

Think of The Prosperity Factor as my version of Chicken Soup for the Soul, but all related to law of attraction and spiritual laws of success.

Just like Chicken Soup for the Soul, it actually has 100 authors in it. But all those are co-authors in the book. And it's one of the best-selling book series in history.

When Chicken Soup for the Soul becomes a best-seller, all the co-authors become best-selling authors.

Question #3: Would you give me access to the PDF version of my cover-page for marketing purposes?

Joe’s reply: Yes, you'll get the PDF version of the book you can sell on your own website and keep 100% of the profits OR give away for your own online promotions.

Question #4: I wouldn't have had any earth-shaking results to talk of or showcase as "my success". Is this acceptable? Wouldn't my actual success (which I am yet to see), be a necessary ingredient for being in the book?

Joe’s reply: A. Not at all. That's one of the limiting beliefs people have when it comes to writing a book.

They think they have to be rich and famous FIRST, then they write the book. That's when they feel like they are "good enough".

It's nothing more than a limiting belief. You are good enough right now. Yes, YOU.

The reality is it's easier to become successful when you have a book.

When I wrote my first book, I wasn't successful yet.

I just had a message to share. I wanted to share what I knew at the moment and I just kept at it.

What we are looking for stories that are coming from the heart.

Stories that move people.

Stories that uplift people.

Stories that motivate and inspire.

Your story.

Question #5: How does the process work?

Joe’s reply: We all each write one chapter about our best secret.

My personal writing team will interview you to solidify your topic, create the title of your chapter, and can even write your chapter for you in your own voice and professionally edit your chapter.

We do all the heavy lifting.

My team will put the book together. We go through two rounds of editing.

Our award winning design team designs the interior and exterior.

We publish, print, and distribute through one of the biggest distributors in the world and then we launch the book.

And we make it an Amazon #1 Best-seller.

You will then be on the cover of a bestselling book. (!)

See how easy this is?

Question #6: When can I expect the book to be out?

Joe’s reply: The book is scheduled to be launched in approx. 7 months from now. Keep in mind… we have to coordinate with each author, as well as getting each chapter approved.

The faster you get your chapter to my team, the faster we can launch the book.

Question #7: What would be the price at which the Book will be sold on Amazon?

Joe’s reply: $19.97, which is a proven price point for soft cover book.

Question #8: How much royalty will I receive as a co-author?

Joe’s reply: If you have watched the webinar above, you’d understand most authors earn only a couple dollars of royalty per book sold.

In terms of royalties, most of the royalties will be invested in on-going marketing of the book on Amazon. If we share the royalties among all the authors, it's only going to be a few dollars for each author anyway. :-) And it gets very complicated.

The wealth is in how you use and leverage the book and best-selling author status.

Question #9: Why should I invest to publish my book? Shouldn't the publisher pay me in advances instead?

Joe’s reply: Unless you are already a mega best-selling author or New York Times Best-Selling Author, chances of a publisher paying you a royalty in advance to write a book is slim to none.

The sad fact is 80% of manuscripts are rejected by traditional publishers.

The theory is that the traditional publishing house will print thousands and thousands of copies of your book, then invest thousands and thousands of dollars in marketing and publicity.

In reality, for unproven and unknown author, it just doesn't happen.

Even if you are so lucky, you found a publisher who accepted your manuscript, the mainstream publishing house will release your book and give it a few months to succeed. And chances are they won't do anything to market it, let alone help you to make it an Amazon best-seller.

If it doesn't sell well? The books get returned to you, and that's the end of it. Party over.

So if you've got a message or a story you want to share with the world, now's the time to get it out there.

You don't need anyone's permission to publish your book, so what are you waiting for?

Publish your book alongside with me today...

This is the easiest and fastest way to get published and get the credibility you need to take your business to the next level.

Instant book.

Instant credibility.

Instant success.

If this sounds good, go there, read the full details of what you're getting (if you haven't already), and apply now, because we are closing the offer for good.

This offer will NOT Be repeated again ever.

I look forward seeing your chapter in my next upcoming best-seller.

You deserve this.